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Are we making an impact?

After the very first What Is Intimacy? seminar back in 2018, the wife of a pastor friend of Pastor Rob's who had attended the event called to talk about changes she was seeing in her husband.  She said something to this affect: "My husband is like a totally different man!  We need you to do one of these at our church."

Feedback like that is encouraging to the say the least.  While we can't list every positive testimony on this site, feel free to check out what a few past participants have to say below.

In addition, we ask every man who attends a What Is Intimacy? Seminar to fill out an anonymous participant evaluation form.  We will update the results quarterly but here are the most recent cumulative results from all seminars hosted to date:

  • How would you rate this seminar overall?  88.57% rate Helpful or Very Helpful (top two options)

65% of those rated it as high as possible as "Very Helpful"

  • Was the material provided helpful to you in developing intimate relationships?  88.57% rated it as Very Helpful or Extremely Helpful

  • Did you learn at least one new thing today that will impact you in a significant way?  97.22% say "yes"

  • Is this seminar needed at other churches and other locations?  100% say "yes"

  • Was your time AND the cost of the seminar worth it?  100% say "yes"

Results: Testimonials
Male Portrait

Participant at St. Louis MO Seminar 2018

"Men need this!  Intimacy is SO much more than sex"

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