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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers You Need

How can I register for a seminar you will be hosting?

Great question!  Registering is simple.  You can go to the "Upcoming Events" page of this site and get more details on any upcoming event.  From clicking on an event you might be interested in, you can fill out registration information, pay for your ticket, and you are set!

Do you offer follow-up sessions?

Right now, Rob is available for individual speaking engagements only.  If your church or ministry is interested in ongoing follow-up sessions, please contact Pastor Rob and let's discuss what we can do to assist.

What are your fees or what does it cost to engage you?

What is Intimacy? exists to help others and we try to keep all costs to a minimum.  This question is a little difficult to answer because of many factors including how many participants will be at an event and what travel costs will exist for the ministry.  Generally speaking, seminars will cost roughly $50 - $80 per person to attend.  Speaking engagements including pulpit supply on Sunday mornings are directly negotiated with the pastor/church/ministry interested in having Rob speak, preach, teach, or talk.

Do you offer full day seminars for women or couples?

Our plan in the future is to offer a full day seminar presentation for both women and couples, much like we currently have for men.  At this time, we do not have the resources together to do so.  As we want to do everything that we do well and to glorify God through it all, we are not quite ready to offer this even though we strongly believe it's needed.  With that said, Rob is able to do shorter speaking engagements to individual groups on the subject of intimacy and these would not necessarily need to be to men only.

What resources has your ministry published or are available that you can put in our hands?

Every participant who attends a What is Intimacy? Seminar receives his own 30 plus page workbook.  This copywritten book has fill in spaces for information presented at the seminar.  This is each man's to keep and take notes in - both before and after the seminar.  In addition, check back time to time in our "Resources" page as we may have other items we can make available for free or at little cost.  As discussed in the "About" page, Rob is currently writing a book to be titled "What is Intimacy?"  Once complete, we will seek to make that resource available for purchase here and at any event Rob is speaking at.

How can I get involved or help your ministry?

If you are asking this question, first, thank you!  We need your help and welcome it.  There are at least three ways you can significantly help us.  First, please pray for us.  We believe in the power of prayer because we believe in the God of prayer.  Second, consider giving to us.  As a non-profit organization we would highly appreciate any gift of any size.  You can donate by clicking here to go to that page of our site.  Finally, you can talk to the leadership of your church or other ministries you are involved in about the organization directly supporting us, hosting a What Is Intimacy? seminar, or having Pastor Rob out to speak.  Your help in connecting us with the right people is invaluable.

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