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Opportunities to engage with What Is Intimacy?

Helping you develop and keep intimate relationships


Full Day Seminars (for men)

Learn what intimacy is, what it is not, and how to develop and maintain intimate relationships

Seminars for men are currently being booked for 2021 and 2022.  Costs vary depending on location, travel requirements, and venue pricing but currently generally range in the $50 - $80 per attendee range which includes lunch and a 30 plus page work-book that the participant will take home.  Churches or other venues hosting these seminars have options including paying all costs so there is no participation cost, offering discounts for certain attendees, and offering to provide lunch to reduce overall attendee cost.  Pastors of churches always receive a discounted cost.  Please contact Pastor Rob if you are interested in hosting a seminar for availability and pricing. 

Pulpit Supply & Other Preaching/Teaching Engagements

Pastor Rob Gion, Jr. is available for preaching and teaching on Sundays for worship or part of other ministry events

While not necessarily required, it often makes sense for churches to invite Pastor Rob to preach and teach on Sundays, immediately following a full day men's seminar.  Some churches choose to make it an "intimacy weekend."  Rob has multiple messages that can be preached on the subject of intimacy and has a passion for sharing the gospel, specifically the desire of God to have intimate personal relationships with those he has saved.  Please contact Rob  to discuss scheduling and availability.

How to Engage Us: Speaking
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